The UNHCR has verified there are currently 103,823 refugees in Temporary Shelters inThailand. 

Refugees of mostly ethnic Karen and Karenni origin are enduring one of the most protracted refugee situations in the world in Thailand (with some having arrived in temporary shelters on the Thai-Myanmar border in 1984).

FilmAid's refugee teams working in the camps on the border of Myanmar and Thailand are creating films and other visual content in close partnerships with associate INGOs and CBOs, providing mobile community screenings assisting with the dissemination of their important and life enhancing messages. Those messages are designed by the refugees themselves to meet the needs and concerns of the communities.

Dealing with issues ranging from basic hygiene to TB prevention and landmine awareness, FilmAid's mobile screenings are able to reach all members of the community regardless of their age or level of literacy. 

With well over 1,700 screenings held since 2011, our films have surpassed 438,000 viewings. Thanks to a very dedicated and skilled team, our screenings are targeted to the communities they need to reach.  Each screening can gather over 250 attendants at one time, which allows the partner NGOs and CBOs to rely on FilmAid for mass dissemination of key messages.


  • 66.8 million population

  • 103,823 refugees in 10 camps (MOI/UNHCR verified caseload figures August 2016)

  • Refugees from 30+ countries including Myanmar enter Thailand as a result of statelessness, civil unrest and violence  


  • Started operations in 2011

  • Operating in 9 Shelter Camps along the Thai Myanmar border

  • Over 438,432 audience viewings and rising

  • 244 average audience number per screening

  • Over 1,792 Community Screenings


  • Registered as FilmAid Foundation in Thailand in 2015
  • Over Screenings in 17 Migrant Schools in Border town of Mae Sot since June 2015


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