Projecting hope. Changing lives.

FilmAid uses film and other media to bring lifesaving information — along with hope and joy —to communities affected by disaster, displacement and economic disparity. Individual programs may vary from one region to another, but every FilmAid activity falls into one of three broad categories: Media Content, Community Outreach, and Skills Development.


Through these activities, FilmAid makes a practical impact on critical issues, from health education to human rights, conflict resolution to economic empowerment.  By offering communities that can often be marginalized a voice on the issues that affect them, these programs allow the possibility of self-advocacy and self-determination. These same programs are designed to alleviate psychological problems associated with trauma, isolation, idleness and despair, offering hope through the simple joy of the movies and the creative outlet of self-expression.

What We Do

“After watching the film most people are happy to be immunized, which is great. Also, now they keep their record books – before they used to trade them or just leave them behind.”
Amina, GIZ (Health Partner) Field Officer, Ifo Reception Center