Afghanistan's population of approximately 29.8 million has faced substantial instability as a result of political conflict, Taliban rule, natural disaster and drought. 

In February of 2002, one year into the war in Afghanistan, FilmAid traveled to Kabul to bring happiness to the younger generations caught up in the middle of the conflict.

FilmAid set about screening classic movies, like Children of Heaven and The Wizard of Oz, to the street children of the capital.

For many, these screenings were the first films they had ever seen. 

Despite most of the films being in English, the children were utterly transfixed. There was palpable shock when The Wizard of Oz blooms from black and white into color.


Not only did FilmAid's film screenings provide relief, entertainment and hope to a community facing the early days of war, but it gave many their first ever experience of music and film, two things which had been banned under Taliban rule.



  • 29.82 million population

  • 631,286 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS)

  • 16,863 refugees

  • Taliban rule, natural disaster and drought has led to high levels of internal displacement


  • 2002 viability assessment trip

  • Program focus in Kabul

  • 450 street children watch screenings of The Wizard of Oz

  • No current programming in Afghanistan