Hong Kong is a place where the gap between rich and poor is growing. 

Home to some of Asia's richest, Hong Kong simultaneously finds a fifth of its population living in poverty.

While Hong Kong may be renowned for its wealth and expensive real estate, it also hosts one of the largest public housing sectors in the world. Approximately half the population live in government-supported or subsidized housing. Almost 20% of Hong Kong's population live below the poverty line. This leaves families and young people with very few opportunities.  

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In March 2014, FilmAid partnered with the Chicken Soup Programme to provide underprivileged children with privately hosted entertainment experiences, providing much needed psychological relief to a population whose development is seriously impacted by their restrictive living conditions. 


  • 7.15 million population

  • 1.31 million live below poverty line

  • 300,000 children do not get 3 meals a day

  • Highest income gap between rich and poor of all developed economies


  • 2011 FilmAid Asia registered as charity to support programs in Asia

  • 360 children have attended FilmAid screenings

  • Partner with Chicken Soup Programme

  • Focus on fundraising efforts to support our work in Thailand