FilmAid uses a participatory approach to production, ensuring community engagement in the creation of media content.

Film Production Includes:


Storytelling is a powerful tool to deliver critical information about the social issues impacting a community. FilmAid’s drama programming includes short-form, long-form and feature-length films.


FilmAid produces documentaries to tell real stories about the social issues impacting a target community. These documentaries are designed to educate audiences as well as influence attitudes and promote behavior change in an engaging way.

PSA/ Music Video

FilmAid also creates high-impact short-form content, such as informational PSAs that deliver critical health and safety information as well as more creative approaches, like music videos, designed to shift attitudes and behaviors.


In the humanitarian context - when lives are often at stake and information is vital - the most effective media speaks directly to the audience, utilizing local languages, respectful of community mores, and targeting local issues. FilmAid works alongside communities, providing skills and resources to create media produced by the community, for the community. Working in close collaboration with local groups as well as humanitarian agency experts and other stakeholders, FilmAid produces films, radio, community newspapers and other media that resonate with audiences, address their most pressing concerns and effect powerful change.

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