1. The deadline for submissions:  June 15, 2019.

  2. Applicants MUST be at least 18 years old or have expressed permission to enter this festival from their parents/guardian.

  3. Early entry is encouraged but will not guarantee acceptance.

  4. Multiple entries are allowed from a filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

  5. Year of Production (We only accept  films made from 2017 - 2019)

  6. Submissions in other than English must be subtitled.

  7. All subtitles must be embedded into the film.

  8. We accept only secure links to online entries, e.g Youtube or Vimeo. Entries can be submitted directly through FilmFreeway.

  9. Films MUST be sent in the form of links from 3rd party servers such as Vimeo, YouTube or other secure websites. We do not  accept download data or Dropbox submissions. Please provide password if protected.

  10. Entrants agree that any still image from the film submitted may be used for promotional purposes. Entrants may choose the still image that is used for promotional purposes by attaching it to the application.

  11. The FAFF judges reserve the right to exclude from the festival any short films that they decree incite violence or bigotry (this does not mean that the films cannot contain violence).

  12. Submitted films will be entered into those categories chosen by the entrant.

  13. The winners and runners-up will be announced at the award ceremony.

  14. A panel of judges will identify winning films. The judges’ decision is final.

  15. After judging is completed, only nominees in all categories will be notified.

  16. FAFF does not charge or pay Entrants any fees for screenings or submissions of their films nor does it charge any entry fee for festival audience.

  17. If the film includes synchronized music it MUST be accompanied by evidence of worldwide copyright clearance within the term that includes at least 21st September 2018, preferably in perpetuity.

  18. If the film includes original music, the Entrants MUST include a copy of the agreement in their application.

  19. FAFF reserves the right to film Behind The Scenes  footage from the festival and use the footage as promotional material.