FilmAid Asia's Mary Soan Wins Diva/Hugo Boss High Heeled Warrior Award

FilmAid's program director in Asia, Mary Soan, has won the Diva/Hugo Boss High Heeled Warrior Award for Community Service!

The High Heeled Warrior Awards aim to recognize and celebrate women living in Asia who have contributed and created a positive impact in their community. Mary is recognized for her work for FilmAid on the Thai/Burma border.

FilmAid's work in Asia began in 2009 with a highly successful pilot project in Thailand's Mae La refugee camp, one of nine camps located on the country's western border with Burma which hosts more than 150,000 refugees. Over the past four years Mary has overseen programming in the region, including the creation of multiple films, training and mentoring of refugees within FilmAid Asia's Film Production Programme, and the addition of a workshop space for training, auditions, rehearsals and shooting. 

You can read an interview with Mary about her influences and career on the High Heeled Warrior's website and watch a clip about Mary's work for FilmAid and what winning this award means to her below. Congratulations, Mary!