FilmAid Film Festival 2014 - Call for Entries is Now Open!

Theme: Untold Stories.

This year’s festival celebrates the numerous untold stories from the refugees and marginalized others from around the world. Showcasing the films of young refugee filmmakers from Kakuma and Dadaab Refugee Camps, the festival also provides an opportunity for filmmakers from across the globe to share the untold stories of the vulnerable and voiceless.

Over 45 million people across the globe are displaced and millions more are marginalized and stigmatized, film is a powerful tool for these communities to tell their own stories and break down the negative and false stereotypes that surround them. Through the power of film, this year’s festival provides the platform for these stories to be told through cinematic screenings and online.

The 2014 festival also coincides with FilmAid’s fifteenth anniversary of informing, entertaining and projecting hope for vulnerable communities, providing an opportunity to revisit stories told past and present. Across countries, languages and classes, film has the power to provide us with a release, an escape, a window into new worlds and new possibilities. Last year, we presented 20 films, including 16 short films from the student filmmakers of FilmAid's Filmmaker Training Program in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps, along with 4 feature-length award winning international films.

Film can transcend culture, language and class, providing a window into new worlds and new possibilities. Show us something new; share your stories with us.

Deadline for submission is June 2, 2014.
Festival Contact: Risper Njoki   |   ph: +254 (0) 722 540 543