Be inspired by young refugees fighting to lift up their communities

Choose to inspire. And be inspired in return.

This holiday season, FilmAid invites you to be inspired by the optimism and defiant determination of refugees using film and other media to lift up their own communities.

Be inspired by the creativity of FilmAid's 120 students and 140+ refugee and local staff who bring life-saving information, psycho-social support and much needed hope to their own communities every day.

Be inspired to support young refugees like Sarah in the video below who uses film in her fight for girls' education and an end to discrimination. 

Be inspired by FilmAid's over 10,000 Mobile Cinema Screenings and 1000s of Film-based workshops delivering critical information about human rights, public health,  economic opportunity and conflict resolution.  

Choose FilmAid Camera.png

Be inspired by FilmAid’s campaigns to end discrimination against refugees through national TV broadcasts in Kenya, public relations campaigns, and high profile events celebrating the creative contributions of refugee youth, especially women, girls, the elderly and disabled.

Give the gift of inspiration this year, and be inspired in return And stay tuned for more stories of FilmAid students and staff inspiring their communities to continue to fight for peace, justice and future filled with hope.