Sound Editing

Making Big Noise for Soundcheque


Are you a filmmaker or a musician?  If so (or even if not) we'd like to give a big sout out to our scoring partners, Soundcheque, who have provided the soundtrack for 18 of our latest films.  These films were made by our students in conjunction with our seventh FilmAid Film Festival, currently taking place in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps and in Nairobi.  


Soundcheque supply a fabulous, personal service that connects music and media makers.  They provide the perfect soundtracks for films, TV, games, and other media and have a brilliant bank of original scores.  You can work directly with a composer or Soundcheque will find the music for you without you having to search, saving filmmakers time and money.  They cater for all musical genres and every filmmaker's budget.  Their slogan is 'Helping Music Makers Make It', as their composers retain 100% of their rights and royalties.  Check out their showreel here.