In 2005, FilmAid undertook a relief effort in the United States on behalf of those displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 

FilmAid joined forces with Turner Classic Movies to present screenings of Make It Funky! to New Orleans evacuees in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

The outdoor screenings of the film, a documentary which honors the vibrant musical history of New Orleans, were preceded by the lighting of Christmas trees, vintage cartoons, and performances by local evacuee musicians, some of whom were actually featured in the movie.

In April of 2006, FilmAid collaborated with Listen Up! and other local and national organizations such as AnimAction, and Louisiana State University to start a project for Katrina's young evacuees.  


This animation program allowed these young people to which they were able to express their thoughts and feelings about the disaster through animation.

Many participants went on to partake in the Red Stick International Animation Festival, which featured animated short films of youth from New Orleans and Baton Rouge who were all affected in some way by the hurricane.



  • 313.9 million population

  • Hurricanes Katrina & Rita part of the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season

  • $120 billion damage as a result of both hurricanes

  • 180 mph highest wind of Hurricane Rita


  • Worked to support Baton Rouge and Groom Road FEMA Trailer community

  • Make It Funky! most popular screening in New Orleans

  • Developed animation workshop for Katrina's young evacueeS

  • Partners included Turner Classic Movies, Listen Up!, AnimAction, and Louisiana State University