Our Values

FilmAid has an unwavering commitment to our core values and principles:

Access to information is a human right.

Information and education are critical to the health, safety, and dignity of all communities. During periods of crisis, timely and accurate information is essential to securing food, medicine, shelter, and emergency services.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the simple, wonderful magic of the movies.

Visual storytelling transcends language and literacy, communicating crucial information while providing sustenance for the soul. For communities experiencing trauma and starved for hope, the power of film, of a story well told, of a spectacle, of an adventure, or romance can open people's hearts and minds, rekindling joy and helping people heal. This is especially true for children, who constitute half of the world's forcibly displaced people. 

Communities are the source of wisdom and the center of empowerment.

We value a participatory, culturally respectful, and inclusive approach to social change. A community that speaks for itself is a community that can change and heal itself. FilmAid believes in engaging communities in assessing their own needs and in managing, implementing, and evaluating the programs designed to meet those needs. We are committed to building skills and capacity in the communities we work with, laying the foundation for greater resilience and increased self-reliance. 

Humanitarian principles are the basis of all our work. 

We are committed to addressing human suffering wherever we are able. We are dedicated to helping save lives, supporting physical and psychosocial well-being, and promoting dignity and human rights.