FilmAid was founded by independent filmmakers in 1999 in response to the refugee crisis during and after the Kosovo War. We are perhaps best known for our original program model: mobile screenings of beloved comedies and other entertainment to provide psychological relief and much-needed hope to child refugees and others suffering the ravages of trauma and displacement. Nearly two decades later, FilmAid is an innovative leader in humanitarian and crisis communications, using a community-based approach to create and distribute life-saving information to refugees in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Using film, radio and journalism created by refugees, FilmAid engages communities with dignity and respect, providing information about their rights, safety, health and well-being. Alongside public information campaigns, FilmAid trains young people in all aspects of storytelling and communications, empowering the next generation to advocate for its own rights and community needs.

Who We Are

FilmAid offers marginalized communities a voice on the issues that affect them, allowing for self-advocacy and self-determination. Our programs offer hope through the simple joy of the movies and the creative outlet of self-expression.


film festival 2016: 'Where i am'

This October, FilmAid will host it's 10th Annual Film Festival, celebrating the untold stories of refugees and other marginalized populations throughout the world. Click here for more details on this year's theme, submission information, and to meet the winner of last year's festival.


SandBox is a unique six-part drama series, made in conjunction with refugee community members, that explores the lives of refugees in the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab, in Northeastern Kenya. Check out the trailer above.

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Standing #WithSyria in Jordan

We are currently developing a long term screening series and skills development program within rural and urban areas of Jordan to bring critical health and safety messages to Syrian refugees who have been displaced by the current conflict.

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There are now over 50 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide. Take the time to meet three of them and learn how FilmAid can help. 

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