Projecting hope. Changing lives.

Projecting hope.

Changing lives.

“Our children used to learn only how to kill.  Now, with films they are learning much more. Film is like a teacher, a guide to the right path.”
Beatrice Kabungo, Congolese Refugee, Kakuma Camp

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“The ability of films to communicate crucial information, about landmines and other hazards, can also save lives… a community spirit flourishes where thousands assemble to watch a film.”
Kofi Annan, seventh Secretary-General, United Nations

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“To hear what FilmAid has already accomplished, to watch videos of exhausted and debilitated refugee audiences of all ages soaking up films as if they were a necessity of life, is to regain a sorely tried faith.”
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

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“Screening films offers hope to thousands and thousands of children and adults where none existed previously. FilmAid is doing remarkable work and I urge you to support this important cause.”
Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke

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Why Film?

Rufus Sewell, Sarita Choudhury, Sienna Guillory and refugees from Kakuma share the power of film. FilmAid works in refugee camps and communities affected by disaster - where basic necessities such as food, safety and health care are needed. Why do we bring film? Because film provides life-saving information, hope and psychological relief to people who need it most.

Thanks to the Global Cause Consultancy, K. Ryan Jones, Rafiq Copeland and RSA Films.

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December 19, 2012

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