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FilmAid was founded by independent filmmakers in 1999 in response to the refugee crisis in Kosovo. After nearly two decades of innovation, FilmAid has become a leader in amplifying the voices of displaced youth, and providing life-saving information to communities in need.

Using a community-based, and multi-channel approach, FilmAid provides displaced people with actionable information about their rights, their safety, their health and their future. Through video, radio, print, SMS, and digital media campaigns created and distributed in collaboration with refugee communities, FilmAid is able to reach over 400,000 people in refugee camps and urban areas every year. And FilmAid’s 24-month Media Training courses empower the next generation of storytellers with the skills they need to advocate for themselves, their community and their right to a future filled with hope.

It is only by leveraging the talent and tenacity of refugee communities themselves that FilmAid is able to Project Hope, and Change Lives.


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FilmAid invites you to be inspired by the audacious optimism, and defiant determination of refugees using film, journalism and their own personal stories to lift up their communities.  

I faced my fear. I made a film. I found my voice.

Amina Rwimo is an award winning filmmaker from Congo living in Kakuma Refugee Camp, a former FilmAid student and a current FilmAid Film Trainer. Watch her TEDx Talk about how she found her voice and the courage to make films.


Media training class in Dadaab

Rahmo is one of 6 young women in FilmAid’s 24 month Media Training students in Dadaab Refugee Camp. She prefers to be called a “girl” because in her community “women” are married, and she’s proud to be unmarried and pursuing her education!

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Finding a star in kakuma refugee camp

Akuot Mercy Mareng is a singer who participated in FilmAid’s Finding a Star program in partnership with legendary Kenyan songwriter and producer, Wyre the Lovechild. From Kakuma to the World is now available on iTunes. Supported by the United States State Department’s Bureau of Populations Refugees and Migration.