Colombia is home to a population of approximately 47 million people and is the third most populous country in Latin America.

Since the mid 1960s armed conflict has led to the country being home to the highest level of Internally Displaced Persons in the world.

Colombia’s internal conflict has been raging for almost half a century. Impunity for crimes of sexual violence has been a defining feature of the Colombian war. Women and girls have been subjected to systematic sexual violence by all the factions of the armed conflict: paramilitaries, the military, and guerrilla combatants.

Paola Mendoza and Gloria La Morte (co-writer-directors of Entre Nos) have made multiple journeys to Colombia to develop the feature film A PASO DE MANGLES ("Steps from the Mangroves") for FilmAid. A Paso de Mangles will tackle issues related to sex and gender based violence in connection to the armed conflict. Through a series of workshops with Colombian survivors of rape and abuse in partnership with La Casa de la Mujer, the script has been informed and inspired by these women's powerful personal testimonies.

A Paso de Mangles is currently in pre-production.


  • 47.7 million population

  • 5,368,138 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS)

  • 1964 civil conflict begins and is still ongoing

  • 149 women per day estimated to be victims of sexual violence


  • Program in development - check back soon!


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