FilmAid proudly presents FAFF2019, FilmAid's 12th Annual Film Festival, a celebration of young talented refugee filmmakers living in Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps.

This year, FAFF will screen compelling films exploring 'Diversity, Inclusion & Strength' from refugee and non-refugee filmmakers in Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps, as well as in multiple locations in Nairobi.

Dadaab 21 - 23 August
Kakuma 26 - 30 August
Nairobi 3 - 6 September

#FAFF2019 will showcase authentic refugees voices and challenge audiences to take action!

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 About the Festival

Held annually in Kenya, FilmAid’s Film Festival strives to fulfill FilmAid’s vision of informing, inspiring and empowering refugees and other marginalized populations throughout the world. Through FilmAid’s extensive programming in Nairobi, Kakuma and Dadaab, each year, FilmAid is able to train, support and empower more than 50 refugee youth to tell their own stories through the power of film. In addition, the Film Festival provides independent filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to share stories with refugees in the Kenyan camps, allowing for shared artistic communication. 

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