The Syrian Refugee Crisis in jordan

As the prolonged conflict in Syria moves in to its fifth year, nearly 12 million Syrians, have been displaced and forced to flee their homes. As civil war continues in Syria, it has been predicted that the numbers of refugees fleeing to Jordan will continue to rise. According to the UNHCR, Syrians are the largest refugee population in Jordan. In fact, 1 in 13 people in Jordan is a Syrian refugee.


About Filmaid's October campaign

For the past 15 years, FilmAid International has used film and the media as tools to respond to refugee crises around the globe. In response to the refugee crisis in Syria, FilmAid started working in Jordan with Syrian refugees in Za'atari Refugee Camp in March 2014.  This year, FilmAid will expand our crucial programming for Syrian refugees in Jordan who are struggling through one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.


Why your donation is critical

FilmAid is actively building partnerships and rallying donors to expand our programming and support the implementation of a large-scale, long-term program in Jordan, where currently over 672,000 refugees have fled for safety. FilmAid is committed to supporting Syrian refugees who have been forcibly displaced by civil war by providing critical information, skills development, and psychological relief.